Becoming You Academy

A membership program that will guide you to align with your next level self using subconscious reprogramming, identity work and self love. 

The manifestation community lacks one big thing... and that's that none of the tools and techniques mean anything if you can't get in control of your emotions! You are human and you are going to have ups and downs. BYA is here to teach you how navigate through life all while creating experiences you've always desired.

We're taking it back to the basics and teaching you what truly matters to live a fulfilling life. 

Inside of BYA we focus on:

  • The Subconscious Mind
  • Your Identity/Self Concept
  • Self love + the relationship with yourself
  • How to be human (aka feel the feels), while manifesting the things you've been dreaming of 
  • Healthy Relationships 
  • Body Image
  • Money Mindset + Entrepreneurship
  • Confidence

Included inside of BYA:

  • Done for you subconscious reprogramming tools such as; EFT tapping, overnight affirmation recordings, guided meditations, nervous system regulation tools, hypnosis + more
  • Private Podcast
  • 1:1 Email Coaching
  • BYA Community 

It's your time to glow up from the inside out!

This is a monthly membership that can be discontinued at anytime.

$59.99 USD

Every month

Your payment information will be stored on a secure server for future purchases

Terms and Condition

Clients are subject to using the membership for their own personal goals and are able to use the resources provided in the academy at any time during their subscription period. Clients understand that this is not a one on one based coaching experience, and are required to learn the material on their own time. Clients understand that the material inside of the academy is not to be used to heal or cure any medical conditions. Clients understand that it is up to them to determine the success of their time within the academy, and is not up to the creator of the academy. Clients understand that they can join the BYA community for daily guidance and assistance during their time in the academy. The average response rate for questions in the community board are 24-72 hours. Harassment, bullying, and posting harmful content within the community board will result in termination of your access to BYA and all of it's resources.


Billing and Refund Policy

As stated on the website, BYA is a monthly subscription. Clients will have access to the academy on a month to month basis for as long as they wish to remain in the academy. There are no hidden contracts within the academy, you are not obligated to remain for any specific time frame and can subscribe and unsubscribe at anytime. There are no late fees for billing. The billing system will give the client an 8 day grace period to process their monthly payment. If there is a failure to pay, their account will be terminated after the 8 day grace period. If a client enrolls with a coupon code, the coupon price will be grandfathered into their account.


There are no refunds provided on our digital products. It is up to the client to determine when they would like to unsubscribe from the monthly membership. No usage on the account does not qualify as a reason for refunds, as it is up to client to determine how long they wish to remain in the membership. By enrolling into BYA, you as the client understand that it is fully your responsibility to keep your account in good standing, or to terminate the account as you wish. To unsubscribe from BYA, you can log in on a computer or desktop and go to your settings in the top right corner, select 'billing' - select 'active subscriptions' - select 'cancel subscription'. You will never be charged after cancellation, and will have access to your account until the end of your billing cycle.


Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at [email protected]